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Personal Interests


The belief in and commitment to equality among all humanity. The social, legal, political and economic realities of the world we live in make feminism a likely method for survival of the planet in any semblance of diversity and equality. The Feminist perspective being uniquely sympathetic to a global village concept, in which all are valued and nurtured to their individual maximum expression. A utopian concept underlies my belief in the possibility of a truly feminist society in which sexism is non-existent, or at least so rare as to be shockingly offensive and self -censured , where misogyny is unheard of , and bigotry is incomprehensible to the rational mind.

The feminist principal is based on the equality of the sexes, with the understanding that as a species the very survival of this civilization depends on the cooperation and mutual support of both genders. There is space and opportunity to grow in feminism. The idea of equality is not an absolute and identical mold but rather an evolving, growing, changing series of attitudes and actions to promote well being among the inhabitants of this beautiful rock we call Earth.


I love my family, it keeps growing and going. What would I be without them. My parents drove me crazy with traditions and expectations but let me know I could do whatever I wanted anyway. The joy of my sister and brothers is rooted in the shared tortures and triumphs of childhood and the certainty of continuity in adulthood. My tias, tios and cousins add sugar and spice, gossip and advise, laughter and tears, and memories of weddings, graduations, anniversaries and vacations. I love my nieces and nephews beyond my wildest dreams, and especially I love Chris and Elena and the Jefferies family as my chosen prize.


The reason I stay in California . The landscape is just not this hospitable and diversified anyplace else. I love to get high in the Sierra. So far I've made it to the top of Half Dome, Clouds Rest, Mount Lassen, El Paso Peak, Amelia Earhart Peak, Castolon Peak in Big Bend and Waynu Picchu in Machu Picchu, Peru. Almost to the top of Mt Conness, Mt Shasta and Matterhorn Peak. I am looking forward to trying Banner Peak and Lambert Dome soon. The Hot Springs are an extra perk for suffering the backpacking trek, remember to remember that taking off a backpack is a pleasure beyond measure and the body loves to breathe hard and sweat.

First coffee of the day...

Aurora and Beth toast a new day at Big Bend
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"Guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching."
Joni Mitchell, from the song Sweet Bird on her album The Hissing of Summer Lawns.
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