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Reading List
Smart GPS
Wearable Computer
My Work/Your Text
Bigger Mirror
Experimental Fiction

Multimedia Theory and Criticism

Instructor Glenn Kurtz

Class Reading List

This is the reading list for the Spring, '97 semester. This hyperlink page contains the reading list for the class and also includes links associated with the various articles.


Presentation/Web Pages

Here are web pages that describe 'smart technologies' such as:

Philips Vision of the Future web site As a follow up, I would like to investigate the induced anomalous experience created by Dr. Barry Beyerstein, associate professor, psychology at Simon Fraser University.


Individual Paper/Creative Project

This page investigates the idea of the author centered text versus the user centered text. It might encapsulate the ideas from the title, "What I Intend, What You Interpret".

Here it is: My Work - Your Text

This is an experiment of the ideas of Roland Barthes.


Encyclopedia Entry

The above examples might be useable in this project. Investigate the idea of fishWrap an experimental personalized newspaper project at MIT. Also, investigate the contributions of multimedia to our cultural environment. See the entry in the Encyclopedia of Multimedia at SFSU about Encyclopedia.

In 1244, a Dominican friar named Vincent de Beauvais created perhaps the first organized encyclopedia titled Speculum Maius (the bigger mirror).

In 1481, William Caxton (another link) published "The Mirror of the World" which was a translation into English from a French work "Mappe Monde" (the image of the world).

I would like to study the image of the mirror as it relates to the idea of encyclopedia.


Links from Multimedia Theory and Experimental Fiction

This link leads to a page that Glenn Kurtz distributed which has links relating to the Experimental Fiction class. This is a duplicate page and as of Monday, November 03, 1997 I have not found the actual link. This should do for now.

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