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The Rio Grande River is in big trouble.

Here are some links to articles/sites that deal with the issues being faced by "The River".

Let the river take it, is often heard in the border towns along the Rio Grande on the Texas/Mexico border.  This typically defines the philosophy of folks who don't have the luxury of sewerage treatment plants and who have come to depend on the river to 'take their troubles away'.

Please let me know of any other sites to list here.


Rio Grande Alliance leaves the site

Borderline Efforts on Pollution leaves the site

Ciudad Juárez, leaves the site

EPA Region 6 - Big Bend National Park Visibility Study leaves the site

High Country News -- March 21, 1994 Border doesn't block dirty air and water leaves the site

http--www.eden.com-~balinsky-agsc-sierran9712.txt leaves the site

LatinoLink Pollution Problems Fester South of the Border leaves the site

Lower Rio Grande Ecosystem Initiative leaves the site

Lower Rio Grande proposal leaves the site

New Mexico-Texas-Chihuahua leaves the site

New Mexico-Texas-Chihuahua leaves the site

Rio Grande Toxic Substances Study Summary leaves the site

Sierra Activist - Senate Approves Nuclear Waste Dump leaves the site

Texas, Rio Grande -- Farming on the Edge Release leaves the site

Texas-Tamaulipas leaves the site

TNRCC Border Affairs Index Page leaves the site

U.S.-Mexico Border States Conference on Recreation leaves the site

United States-Mexico Border leaves the site


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