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Biographical Information



Oct 17, 1952, in Houston, TX, USA. 


Some Genealogy

Nathaniel Jefferies leaves the site

  • Birth: 25 OCT 1733, King & Queen Co, Virginia
  • Death: 28 FEB 1812, Kentucky

We are looking for his ancestors...

The Friends of the Milner House leaves the site

The Friends of the Milner Heritage House is a committee whose purpose is to promote the restoration of and continued programming at the Milner House, which is the home where the Chatham-Kent Museum used to reside. They meet the second Wednesday of the month and welcome new members at any time. Contact Chairperson Lisa Gilbert at 519-351-2058 (in Chatham, Ontario) for more information.



VP, Development at Human Resource MicroSystemsleaves the site.   Current project involves the development of a comprehensive Human Resources application primarily developed in Visual FoxProleaves the site.  It is built on various technologies including Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, n-tiered Client/Server, Web, HTML/DHTML, XML.


Ramblings and significant dates

From - To: Lived in or near: Timespan
1952 - 1964 Laredo (on the Bar-X ranch) then Angleton, Texas childhood
1964 - 1968 Brisbane, Australia adolescence
1968 - 1979 Houston, Texas
1974 Married to Gale Williams
1976 Elena is born on April 16th
teenager and young adult
1979 - SF Bay Area, California
1980 Divorced from Gale
1981 Aurora moved in
1991 Traveled to Baja for the July 11th eclipse (with Aurora, Elena, Andrew Garcia)
1994 Traveled to Bolivia (for the November 2nd eclipse) and Peru to hike the Inca trail to Machu Pichu (with Aurora, Elena, Beth Thomas)
late 20s to present


Chris Jefferies
Voice 510.525.2343
FAX 510.525.3218

"Guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching."
Joni Mitchell, from the song Sweet Bird on her album The Hissing of Summer Lawns.
Protect Free Speech
Glad It Got Us Here.
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