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Multimedia T&C


Right now I am involved in learning about the internet. Through my work, I am learning how to access databases via the net which will be used for human resources applications.
Multimedia Theory and Criticism
In the Spring of '97 I took a class at San Francisco State University in this subject. The page linked here discusses some of the ideas that were explored in this class.
John Wesley Powell
He is a current hero of mine. He and nine other men were the first (Europeans) to travel the length of the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1869. Powell was also responsible for the formation of the USGS agency and was an avid anthropologist. I am reading all I can about his life and his views about the "opening" of the west and the issues concerning water rights.
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Pierre was a Jesuit Priest who studied and believed the concept of evolution. Due to a vow of obedience to the church, he was never allowed to publish his works on evolution. However, after his death, his writings were published. One of his greatest was "Phenomenon of Man". In this work he describes what he terms the "Noosphere" as the thinking layer of the earth after the geosphere and the biosphere. Some say that his idea may be realized in the logical expansion of the internet. I am studying and reading about this concept.
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