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Why are we here?

La Contorsionista, 1946, Alberto Beltran

As a result, we are here in this electronic medium, attempting to leverage our already substantial abilities to communicate. I will include links to other web pages that will hopefully add to your total experience. Maybe we will find a link, an idea, a seed, that we can re-form into a new perspective that adds to the total of human experience.

Try out my links, come back, and let me know about other links I may find useful.

More as I get the time...


I suspect we are here (in cyberspace) because I took some time to learn some HTML, and you took the time to find this home page. I don't yet know how this page will get indexed, or if you found it by word of mouth. Whatever the path, I'm glad it got us here.
My best guess (based on what each set of time and change are touching) as to the bigger question of why we're here on earth, in this solar system, in this galaxy, is that we are the universe's manifestation of it's attempt to understand itself. We are here to learn what we are.


One aspect of me


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"Guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching."
Joni Mitchell, from the song Sweet Bird on her album The Hissing of Summer Lawns.
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