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Glad It Got Us Here?

as of Friday, March 03, 2000 12:54 AM


The following is a list of meaningful changes to this web site, with the most recent changes shown first:


Updated the songs list page.
Added a John Wesley Powell links page.
Added image reflection applet to the Images page.
Moved Annalee's web page to her own site on freeranger.com/annalee.   Reset links on the Links page to go to Annalee's new site.  Added Lon's hand-crafted furniture and Cowboy site to the Links page.
Moved Elena's web page to her own site on freeranger.com.   Reset links on the Links page to go to Beth's new page and Elena's new page.
Added a new Frontpage counter to the main page.
Set up and switched to FreeRanger.com.  Left Sprynet at 735 hits detected. This domain is hosted on Slip.Netleaves the site out of San Francisco, Ca.
Changed the background on the Hitchhiking story page.  Fixed link to Alicia's pageleaves the site.   Added an Images page with thumbnail links.
Added a new fixed menu at the top of each page that uses a shared top border.
Added images generated from new scanner.


Added links to the Home Page for the Exploratorium...
Added links to the links page from past favorites.  Added a link to a new page of all Tom's Favorite Links.
Added Tyler2.jpg to Elena's page.
        Added link to Museum of Jurassic Technologyleaves the site.
Added an unlinked map page with directions to home.
Added a JScript welcome msg to the Home page that detects morning, afternoon, evening.
Created this What's New page.
Published web site with Frontpage Theme and better navigation. Also included a subscription page.
Published "Glad It Got Us Here"

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Joni Mitchell, from the song Sweet Bird on her album The Hissing of Summer Lawns.
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