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Song List

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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with my musical interests. The information is divided into the following categories:

Bands and Performers

Here's a list of some of my favorite performers.  Most of these links are to the OLGA (the Australian mirror site is good) sites where you can find a link to some lyrics and chord changes to some of the performers songs.  Some actually have a dedicated web page.

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This is the list of some of the songs I've learned.  Some I can do justice to better than others.  Each reference may not be the songwriter, but is often the source of the version I know.

  • Great Dream From Heaven leaves the site- Ry Cooder
  • Tattler - Ry Cooder
  • Mexican Divorce - Ry Cooder (Bert Bacharachleaves the site)
  • Across The Borderline - Ry Cooder
  • He'll Have to Go - Ry Cooder
  • Tender Trap - Clive Gregson, Christine Collister
  • Friend of the Devil - Grateful Dead
  • Lesson Number One - Marshall Crenshawleaves the site
  • Russian Lullaby - Jerry Garcia, David Grissman
  • Rockin' Chair - Jerry Garcia, David Grissman (Hoagy Carmichaelleaves the site)
  • Boats to Build - Guy Clark
  • Good Love After Bad - Guy Clark
  • Come From the Heart - Guy Clark
  • Candy Man's Gone - Bruce Cockburn
  • Someone I Used to Love - Bruce Cockburn
  • Dream Like Mine - Bruce Cockburn
  • Aloha - Walter Hyattleaves the site from Uncle Walt's Band
  • Ruby - Uncle Walt's Band (Ray Charlesleaves the site)
  • I Will - Beatles
  • The one After 909 - Beatles
  • And I Love Her - Beatles
  • American Tune - Paul Simon
  • Shiver Me Timbers - Tom Waits
  • Down to my Last Cigarette - KD Lang
  • Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
  • Dance Hall Girls - Frazier and DeBolt
  • Michaelangelo's Blues - Michael Murphy
  • Mayor of Simpletonleaves the site - XTCleaves the site
  • God's Comicleaves the site - Elvis Costello
  • Good Night Ireneleaves the site - Leadbelly
  • Land Of the Bottom Line - John Gorka
  • Sonora's Death Row - Robert Earl Keen (K. Farrell)
  • Twisting the Night Away - Sam Cooke
  • Memphis Tennessee - Check Berry
  • San Francisco Bay Blues - Trad.
  • Birds - Neil Young
  • Questions - Jim Cunningham
  • Southland of the Heart - Bruce Cockburn
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Songs to Learn

This is the list of songs I'd like to learn.  If you've got a good version or reference, let me know.

  • Get Rhythm - Ry Cooder
  • Shine - Ry Cooder (Louie Armstrong)
  • Teardrops Will Fall - Ry Cooder
  • Naked - Talking Heads
  • Dream Operator - Talking Heads
  • Nothing But Flowers - Talking Heads
  • Naive Song - Talking Heads
  • Indian Wars - Bruce Cockburn
  • Waiting on a Friend - Rolling Stones
  • One Time One Night in America - Los Lobos
  • Bad Boy - Beatles
  • Into the Mystic - Van Morrison
  • Pacing the Cage Bruce Cockburn
  • Six Feet of Snow - Little Feat
  • Long May You Run - Neil Young
  • In My Darkest Hour - Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris
  • Ripple - Grateful Dead
  • Wire and Wood Uncle Walt's Band
  • Picasso's Mandolin - Guy Clark
  • Comes a Time - Neil Young
  • Canned Music - Dan Hicks
  • Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan
  • Black Headed Buzzard - Dan Hicks
  • Is You Is or Is You Ain't my Baby
  • News From Up the Street - Dan Hicks
  • All the Ways I Want You - Bruce Cockburn
  • Closer to the Light - Bruce Cockburn
  • Wondering Where the Lions Are - Bruce Cockburn
  • Thrill Is Gone - BB King
  • FDR in Trinidad - Ry Cooder
  • Reelin' Down - Dan Hicks
  • Nobody can Do It Better - Jim Cinningham
  • Honey You're Alright - Jim Cunningham
  • The Weight - Jim Cunningham
  • Touch and Go - Jim Cunningham
  • Twilight Boogie - Jim Cunningham
  • Cazadero - ?
  • Dawgmatism - David Grisman
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